Cake servers

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Cake server NUOVA, WMF
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Cake server NUOVA, WMF
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Dessert cutlery set NUOVA, 13 pcs, WMF
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Cake server 27 cm, silver, stainless steel, Eva Solo
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Cake server B BOIS, de Buyer
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Cake server DAILY 25 cm, Nicolas Vahé
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Cake server SOHO, Zwilling
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Cake server STELLA, Blomus
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Kitchen spatula FKOFFICIUM, de Buyer
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Kitchen turner FKOFFICIUM, perforated, de Buyer
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Cake Servers - serve your cakes like a queen

What is a cake server?

A cake server is a type of serving cutlery used for serving and sometimes also cutting cakes. It features a handle and a triangle blade, positioned slightly lower than the handle. This shape makes it easier for the user to slide the blade under a piece of cake and lift it up.

A cake server is usually made of stainless steel, sometimes also from plated silver, wood, or plastic. If you buy a whole set of cutlery, you may also find a cake server inside as this is one of the essential serving tools for your table.

What can you use a cake server for?

Cake servers may be not only used to serve cakes from a cake stand to a cake plate but also to scoop out cake pieces from a baking tin, to serve tarts, lasagnas or fish.

Cake servers come in a variety of designs, patterns, and sizes and in Kulina, you will find some great servers by such brands as WMF or Zwilling.

How to cut and cake your cake easily and elegantly?

If you want to cut and serve your home-baked cake, make sure you use a sharp knife to cut it first. You can cut your cake with a chef's knife or use a special pastry knife that features a long blade that is perfect for cutting big birthday cakes or layered cakes.

Before you start cutting your cake, put the knife for a second in a high glass or jug filled with hot water or put it under hot running water. Dry the knife thoroughly and cut your slices while the knife is still slightly warm to the touch. This way you will cut through the frosting like butter.

Make sure you cut your cake precisely and make sure you cut the bottom of the cake thoroughly and to the end.

Use the cake server to transfer the cake slices onto a cake stand or right on the cake plates. Make sure you have dessert forks to serve sweet treats to your guests.