Wall lamps

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 LED wall decoration JOB-BLOW MOUTH 47 cm, Seletti
277,20 €
LED wall decoration JOB-BLOW TONGUE 58 cm, Seletti SLT13101
LED wall decoration RAINBOW 51 cm, Seletti
290 €
Wall lamp BIRD LOOKING LEFT 33 cm, black, Seletti
168 €
Wall lamp EDGE brass, Hübsch
129 € –30 %
90 €
Wall lamp HALO 25 cm, amber, Hübsch
149 € –26 %
109 €
Wall lamp HEART 32 cm, white, Seletti
176 €
Wall lamp MONKEY HANGING LEFT HAND 76,5 cm, white, Seletti SLT14881
Wall lamp MONKEY HANGING RIGHT HAND 65 cm, white, Seletti SLT14879

Wall lamps – a stylish and functional addition to your home

What are wall lamps?

Wall lamps are lights that are fixed on walls for illumination. They often serve as accent, general, or decorative lighting. Our wall lamps come in a broad range of designs to match your decor and are a stylish way to provide light and ambiance to any area in your home.

Where can I install a wall lamp?

Wall lamps can be installed in a variety of locations to give both aesthetic and practical lighting. They work well in living areas and bedrooms where they can be positioned above reading nooks, on bedside walls, or on each side of sofas to provide concentrated task lighting and foster a cosy atmosphere.

In addition, wall lamps are also practical options for corridors and entryways where they offer a touch of luxury. They can be placed at the entrance or along hallway walls to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will leave visitors with a good impression. To get the style you desire, you can also decide to experiment with where you position your wall lamps.

What to consider when buying a wall light?

It is crucial to first decide why you are purchasing a wall light before thinking about the type of wall lamp you are adding to your cart in your basket. This would mostly depend on determining what sort of wall lamp you require, as well as your needs, design, and décor goals. Colour schemes are an artistic tapestry that can transform a space, evoking emotions, setting moods, and enhancing the overall aesthetic. The choice of colours and their combinations can create harmony, contrast, or focal points within a room. Once you've determined your specific requirements, it's crucial to consider the wall lamp's style, size, and type of lightness.

Which light to choose? Warm or cool?3

Warm light creates a cosy and inviting ambience. It tends to have a yellowish hue like candlelight or traditional incandescent bulbs. Warm light is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas, where a relaxing and intimate atmosphere is desired.

On the other hand the cool light emits a brighter and bluish-white tone. It replicates natural daylight and is often associated with a more energetic and focused environment. Cool light is commonly used in offices, kitchens, task-oriented areas, or anywhere that requires good visibility and concentration.

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