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Coffee spoon, porcelain, REVOL
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Coffee stirrer COSMIC DINER QUASAR, brass, Seletti
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Dessert spoon MACHINE COLLECTION 16 cm, Seletti
15 €
181352 lzicka na zmrzlinu big love alessi 17 cm 1
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Jam or honey spoon WINGS, WMF
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Sugar spoon DINNER, Zwilling
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Tea spoon MAXIME, grey, Blomus
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Tea spoon MAXIME, warm grey, Blomus
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Tea spoon STELLA silver, Blomus
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Tea spoon STELLA, black, Blomus
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Teaspoons – perfect utensils for your tea and coffee

What is a teaspoon and where can I use it for?

A teaspoon is a specific kind of cutlery that is intended for consuming little amounts of food as well as for stirring and measuring small amounts of substances. Usually, it is bigger than a dessert spoon and smaller than a tablespoon.

Typically, a teaspoon has a small, shallow bowl and a long handle, around 11 to 17 cm. It is commonly made of steel, porcelain, or stainless steel and comes in a range of designs and styles.

The uses of teaspoons in the kitchen and eating area are countless. They can be used to stir tea or coffee, measure sugar, spices, and other ingredients for baking and cooking, or serve oneself small portions of yoghurt, ice cream, or soup.

Teaspoons are a necessary piece of equipment in any kitchen or dining area, and they are frequently purchased in sets or in dining sets with other cutlery like table knives, table forks.

What are the types of teaspoons available in the Kulina store?

Depending on the usage and design, many varieties of teaspoons are available on our website. Here are some typical teaspoon designs you will come across:

  • Standard teaspoon: This style of teaspoon is the most popular and is used for stirring tea or coffee as well as measuring out little amounts of materials for baking and cooking.
  • Dessert spoon: Desserts are usually eaten with this particular style of spoon. It often has a long handle and an oval or circular basin.
  • Honey spoons: These are little spoons that contain a certain amount of honey in them. They are made to be swirled into hot drinks like tea or coffee.
  • Espresso spoon: This is a small, narrow teaspoon that is used for stirring and sipping espresso.
  • Sugar spoon: A sugar spoon is a little teaspoon that is used to serve and mix sugar. It often has a decorative bowl.

What is the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon in baking?

A tablespoonapart from being used to eat, serve or stir, is a popular measuring unit that is often used for measuring portions of ingredients in cooking and baking. It's obviousy bigger than a teaspoon and the difference between their volume is more or less triple so if a tablespoon is 10 g of flour, the teaspoon holds 3, while a tablespoon holds 15 g of water or milk, a teaspoon holds 5 g.