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Bowl large RO grey Blomus
Bowl large RO grey Blomus
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17 €
Salad bowl SABLO M, 28 cm, sand, Blomus
64,90 €
Serving bowl PILAR ⌀ 20 cm, khaki, Blomus
38,90 €
Serving bowl PILAR 1,7 l, dark grey, Blomus
38,90 €
Serving bowl PILAR 1,7 l, light grey, Blomus
38,90 €
Serving bowl PILAR 290 ml, 11 cm, grey, Blomus
11,50 €
Serving bowl PILAR 290 ml, khaki, Blomus
11,50 €
Serving bowl PILAR 620 ml, khaki, Blomus
13,50 €
Serving bowl PILAR M 620 ml, cream, Blomus
13,50 €
Serving bowl PILAR M 620 ml, light grey, Blomus
13,50 €
Serving bowl PILAR S ⌀ 14 cm, cream, ceramic, Blomus BM63976
Serving bowl PILAR S ⌀ 14 cm, khaki, ceramic, Blomus BM63977
Serving bowl RO 9 cm, dark grey, Blomus
8 €
Serving bowl SABLO 13 cm, sand, Blomus
15,90 €
Serving bowl SABLO 15,5 cm, light grey, Blomus
17,90 €
Serving bowl SABLO S 11 cm, light grey, Blomus
13,90 €
Tapas bowl BASIC 220 ml, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM63633
Tapas bowl BASIC, 250 ml, ⌀ 10 cm, Blomus
29,90 €
Tapas bowl PILAR 100 ml, khaki, Blomus
9,50 €
Tapas bowl PILAR 130 ml, dark grey, Blomus
7,90 €
Tapas bowl PILAR 130 ml, khaki, Blomus
7,90 €
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Introducing Blomus bowls: stylish and functional accessories for your home.

Enhance your dining and decorating experience with Blomus bowls, designed to bring elegance and functionality to your table. Whether you're serving a delicious salad, presenting fresh fruit or enjoying a warming bowl of soup, our collection of Blomus bowls offers the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Blomus is renowned for its care and attention to detail. Our bowls are made from high quality materials, ensuring their durability and long-lasting beauty. With designs ranging from simple and minimalist to bold and artistic, our bowls are versatile enough to complement any interior style.

Blomus bowls not only enhance the visual appearance of your dining experience, but also excel in functionality. Designed with usability in mind, our bowls offer ample capacity, making them ideal for serving large portions. The smooth and ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, while the quality materials guarantee easy cleaning and maintenance.

Create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere in your home with Blomus bowls. Whether you are hosting a dinner party with friends or enjoying a casual meal with the family, our bowls will charm your guests and enhance your dining experience. The thoughtful shapes and finishes of our bowls add modern elegance to any occasion.

Discover our exceptional collection of Blomus bowls today and discover the perfect addition to your kitchen and dining table. With their unmistakable style and practical functionality, our bowls will become your favourite choice for everyday use and special events. Enhance your dining experience with Blomus bowls and enjoy the perfect balance between style and utility.