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Outdoor heaters – your key to cosy and inviting outdoor spaces

What is an outdoor heater?

Electric patio heaters are a great way to add heat to your patio or garden. The necessity for providing heat all through the cold months becomes increasingly important as outdoor cooking and dining become more popular.

Your outdoor events will only be possible during the warmer months if there is no heat. That's why it is crucial to provide heat securely and effectively with electric patio heaters. Electric patio heaters from the renowned brand Eva Solo are available in a variety of styles at Kulina and may be mounted, hung, or set up on a suitable patio or deck space.

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What are the types of outdoor heaters available in Kulina?

On Kulina, we offer a variety of both wall-mounted and free-standing heaters, which are the two main categories.

The best heat distribution for the spaces you use the most can be achieved with wall-mounted patio heaters. Remember to select an outdoor wall heater with a convenient pull cord to turn it on if you're mounting it higher up.

However, your outdoor electric heater does not need to be affixed to a wall. Other types are fastened to stands so you can move them around as needed; these electric garden heaters are especially helpful if you want to utilize different outdoor spaces and don't want permanent installations everywhere.

Can outdoor heaters be used indoors?

Due to safety issues, outdoor heaters are not appropriate for interior usage. They lack the functionality required for interior operation because they are made for open environments.

Using outdoor heaters indoors can cause ventilation problems because they emit carbon monoxide and other combustion by-products, which can build up in small areas and be dangerous to human health. Use heaters made exclusively for indoor use and abide by manufacturer instructions to guarantee safety and compliance.