Kitchen spatulas

14 items total
Baking spatula 25 cm, silicone, de Buyer
23,49 €
Baking spatula DUO, Joseph Joseph
13 €
Baking spatula EVA TRIO, grey, Eva Solo
15,95 € –18 %
13 €
Baking spatula PROFI PLUS 28 cm, WMF
28,20 €
Fish spatula PROFI PLUS WMF
26,99 € –14 %
23 €
Grill spatula 40 cm, silicone, Rösle
34,49 € –15 %
29 €
Icing spatula FKOFFICIUM 15 cm, de Buyer
27,88 € –10 %
25 €
Kitchen spatula 25 cm, steel and wood, Tramontina
Kitchen spatula FKOFFICIUM 12 cm, de Buyer
33,82 € –22 %
26,30 €
Kitchen spatula FKOFFICIUM 12 cm, perforated, de Buyer DB423201
Kitchen spatula RA 30 cm, dark brown, Rosendahl
20 €
Kitchen spatula TWIN CHEF 12 cm, Zwilling
39 €
Kitchen spatula TWIN CHEF 21 cm, Zwilling
45,22 € –12 %
39,50 €
Kitchen turner 36 cm, green, silicone, Lékué
11 €

Kitchen spatulas – An easier way to handle your food

What is a kitchen spatula?

A kitchen spatula is a tool used for lifting, flipping, or spreading food. It typically features a handle and a flat, thin, rectangular, or oval-shaped blade. Kitchen spatulas are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on their desired use.

For instance, a bigger spatula may be used to flip pancakes, while a smaller one could be used to frost a cake. Additionally, some spatulas include a blade with slots that permit extra liquids or oils to drain away from the meal being lifted.

In general, a kitchen spatula is a multipurpose tool that can be applied to a number of baking and culinary tasks.

At Kulina, we offer kitchen spatulas from well-known manufacturers such as de Buyer and Zwilling. We also have a variety of other spatulas available for more specialised uses, like kitchen turners and icing and decorating spatulas.

What is the difference between a cooking spatula and a baking spatula?

Cooking and baking spatulas differ primarily in their construction and primary uses.

Typically, the blade of a cooking spatula is wider, longer, and more flexible. This blade can easily slip underneath the food without causing any damage, making it perfect for flipping and rotating items in a skillet or on a griddle. Additionally, cooking spatulas can be used to scrape away any food particles that could have gotten stuck to the pan.

Baking spatulas, on the other hand, are made to be more precise and delicate. They often feature a blade that is narrower, firmer, and straighter, which enhances control while handling delicate baked items like cakes, pastries, and cookies. To give better leverage and avoid the hand from getting in the way, the blade is often offset from the handle. They are also more flexible to allow for spreading creams or scraping any remaining dough from the sides of the bowl

What can I use a kitchen spatula for?

Kitchen spatulas are versatile utensils that can be used for a wide range of kitchen chores, such as flipping and turning food, lifting baked foods, scraping bowls and jars, spreading condiments, stirring and mixing, removing food from pans, grilling, etc. As you can see there are many possible uses of a kitchen spatula and they are only limited by your needs, creativity and imagination in the kitchen.

You can also check out our collection of mixing spoons and kitchen utensils sets for to make sure you have everything you need to tackle all culinary tasks.