Japanese slicing knife CHUTOH 7000D 16 cm, MIYABI

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Japanese slicing knife CHUTOH 7000D 16 cm, MIYABI
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"Every chef's knife is a glimpse into his soul."

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"Every chef's knife is a glimpse into his soul."

Rokusaburo Michiba, Japanese cuisine expert and chef

Extremely sharp medium-sized Japanese knife CHUTOH, ideal for slicing meat or fish. The thin and stable 16 cm long blade ensures that you have full control over your cutting. With this knife you can slice meat with surgical precision. In addition to meat, you can also use CHUTOH on larger pieces of vegetables and fruit. This exceptional slicing tool with a comfortable handle should not be missing in the essential equipment of not only Asian cooks.

Specifications: blade length 16 cm, handle length 14 cm, weight 0,443 kg

The MIYABI 7000D series knives are characterised by their high quality design - the emphasis on aesthetics cannot be denied from the first glance. The sturdy, heavier black handle is combined with stainless steel to create a modern look. The higher weight of the knives and the extreme sharpness of this series allow the full cutting potential of the knife's own weight to be exploited. The weight of this series is comparable to Western style knives, which will be appreciated especially by those who like to work with heavier tools. The bolster is integrated as part of the blade from a single piece of steel. Ensures correct weight distribution and ensures precise and safe knife control. The stainless steel fittings on the guard transition seamlessly into the handle and increase its strength.

The knife core is made of CMV60 high hardness steel containing cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium. To achieve even better properties, a unique CRYODUR® hardening process was used, during which the steel is iced at -196°C. The resulting material boasts exceptional hardness. The Damascene look is created by an additional 64 layers of stainless steel of two different hardnesses, the pattern on each knife is unique. Traditional Honbazuke hand sharpening is proven by hundreds of years of work by master knife makers. It is a multi-stage grinding process, where the knife is first sharpened using a vertical and horizontal rotating grinding stone and finally the blade is polished with a leather honing belt. The symmetrical grind and the Katana Edge ensure easy penetration through the raw material. The cut-out bolster prevents fingers from slipping on the blade.

The D-shaped handle provides perfect cutting control and effective support during slicing. The Micarta composite material used has the appearance of wood but is much more resistant to acidic environments. MIYABI 7000D series knives combine Japanese knife culture with the heavier weight category of Western style.

  • Extremely hard CMV 60 steel core
  • High carbon steel
  • Hardness 60 Rockwell
  • CRYODUR® - a unique method of freeze hardening / tempering
  • 64 layers of steel
  • Damascene ( floral) blade design
  • Cut-out guard increases safety of use
  • Authentic, narrow Japanese shape
  • Katana Edge
  • Symmetrical cut
  • Honbazuke unique three-phase hand grinding
  • High blade retention, corrosion resistance and optimum flexibility
  • Comfortable D-shaped handle made of a combination of Micarta ( resin + linen ) and stainless steel
  • Perfect balance for comfortable knife handling
  • Higher weight knives
  • Stainless steel base with logo
  • Not dishwasher safe

Beauty and precision are the main features of Japanese culture and the same philosophy honors also the MIYABI brand from Seki, the center of Japanese cutlery, since the 14th century. The Japanese traditional knife manufacturer has combined its precision craftsmanship with the proven manufacturing processes and standards of the German brand ZWILLING J. A. HENKELS. The ZWILLING business group was thus able to expand its portfolio with its own production of authentic Japanese knives right in the heart of the Japanese knife industry.

Japanese sword making has been a tradition in the Land of the Rising Sun for many centuries. Samurai swords were and are admired for their unique elegance, sharpness, beauty and technical perfection. MIYABI precision-crafted instruments with authentic Japanese blades are a worthy successor to this tradition. The stunning, almost "surgical" sharpness of the knives preserves the texture of the raw materials used. Be as demanding as Japanese chefs and your goal will always be a perfectly tasty looking dish.

Recommendations and maintenance:

  • Do not use the knives to cut extremely hard ingredients, such as frozen foods
  • Do not expose the knife to prolonged contact with water or salt
  • Avoid bending the knife
  • To maintain sharpness it is advisable to wash the knife by hand with a mild detergent after use and dry immediately
  • Protect the blade from impact
  • If you do not use the knife for a long time, it is advisable to wrap it in dry fabric or newsprint. The ink oil used on newspaper printing will protect the blade from possible corrosion
  • The blade can be wiped with a cloth soaked in oil as part of the care, increasing resistance to corrosion
  • Store the knife in a safe place

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Additional parameters

Category: Japanese knives
Weight: 0.45 kg
Size: 16 cm
Blade length: 16 cm
Product type: Japanese and Santoku knife
Collection: MIYABI 7000D
K překladu: CZ AUTO-PRO-title
Margin: D

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