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Hand mixer - a helping hand in your kitchen

What is a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is a portable electric appliance with two detachable metal beaters and adjustable speeds. Additionally, some versions come with extra attachments like a whisk. Various foods can be mixed, blended, whipped up, and beaten with this device.

Unlike hand blenders, hand mixers effectively incorporate air into batter or dough to create fluffy pancakes and whipped cream to serve on top. Of course, they are much quicker than using the traditional, manual method with a kitchen bowl and a mixing spoon or spatula.

What to consider while selecting a hand mixer?

The Base

The base refers to the side of the hand mixer that you set down on the counter when not in use. If the base is too small or unstable, the hand mixer will constantly fall over so make sure your hand mixer sits properly on the kitchen counter.


To give you greater control while combining components, the finest hand mixers will have a broad range of variable speeds. Look for the turbo button as well. This feature sends a short burst of power into your bowl to wipe off residue and make sure everything is blended well.


You will need to hold and control your hand mixer at all times when using it, so you need to think about the weight your arm can comfortably lift. If a hand mixer is overly heavy, it will be difficult for you to operate.


Hand mixers typically come with two beaters, but some models additionally come with dough hooks for kneading dough and a wire whisk for whipping and aerating cream, meringue, and eggs, and stirring light sauces and butter in pans. Always check if the attachments are dishwasher-safe before you wash them.

How do I care for my hand mixer?

Simply use a moist sponge or towel to clean the mixer's exterior, gently washing away any stuck-on debris. Don't let the sponge get too wet; doing so might cause the hand mixer to break down if water gets into the engine. Never immerse your mixer in water as this can permanently damage the motor.

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