Fireplace accessories

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Fireplace tool set ASHI, 3 pcs, black, Blomus
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Fireplace tool set ASHI, 5 pcs, brown, Blomus
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Fireplace tool set LOG, 3 pcs, gray, Philippi
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Indoor firewood holder LOG 44 cm, gray, Philippi PHP236004
Log tongs FLAMES 47 cm, black, Philippi
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Fireplace accessories – essential accessories for safety and style

What are fireplace accessories?

Having and using any equipment that uses fire, such as fire pits, necessitates the usage of fireplace accessories. There is nothing quite as cosy as a genuine fire in the winter, and with our selection of fireplace accessories, you can take full advantage of its warmth and cosiness in the utmost comfort.

At the Kulina store, we have top-quality accessories from top manufacturers such as Alessi, Blomus, and Philippi.

What are the types of accessories available on Kulina?

To improve your experience with your fireplace, Kulina offers a variety of accessories. On Kulina, you will discover a variety of accessories, including:

  • Fireplace tools: This accessory normally consists of a selection of necessary equipment for maintaining and using a fireplace. A poker for adjusting logs, a shovel for removing ashes, a brush for cleaning, and tongs for adding or rearranging logs are common instruments in a fireplace tool set.
  • Firelighter: A fire lighter is a tool that is used to start fires conveniently and rapidly. It can be in liquid, gel, cube, or stick form, among other shapes. They provide a reliable source of flame that can be used to start a fire in outdoor fire pits, wood-burning grills, or fireplaces.
  • Wood log tray: A wood log tray, which is sometimes referred to as a log holder or log basket, is a container made expressly to keep and display firewood logs next to a fireplace or wood-burning stove. It makes it simple to add new logs to the fire, keeps the wood arranged, and stops them from rolling or dispersing.

How do I choose the right size and number of tools?

Our fireplace tool sets come in several sizes, and you should choose one based on the size of your fireplace; larger tools work well with larger fires, while smaller tools are made specifically for tiny fireplaces and wood stoves.

The kind of fireplace equipment you require is the next thing to think about. Most fireplace tool sets are three- four-piece sets. A typical tool set often consists of a stand to hold the tools, a poker, a pair of tongs and shovels, and a pair of tongs, as mentioned above.