Egg stands

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Egg cup AKTUEL, set of 6 pcs, stainless steel, WMF
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stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi cerny bily 1
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stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi modry
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181574 stojanek na vajicko s lzickou cico alessi ruzovy
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Egg cup GRAND CRU, set of 2 pcs, white, Rosendahl RSD20585
Egg cup LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
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Egg cup MCEGG, blue, WMF
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Egg cup MCEGG, blue, WMF
In stock (15 pcs)
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Egg cup MCEGG, green, WMF
Egg cup MCEGG, green, WMF
In stock (9 pcs)
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Egg cup MCEGG, orange, WMF
10,99 € –9 %
10 €
Egg cup MCEGG, pink, WMF
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Egg cup MCEGG, pink, WMF
In stock (7 pcs)
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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, cream, Blomus
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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, dark gray, Blomus
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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, green, Blomus
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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, light grey, Blomus
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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, sand, Blomus
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Egg cup RHOMBE 5 cm, dark blue, Lyngby
14 €
Egg cup RHOMBE 5 cm, green, Lyngby
14,30 €
Egg cup RHOMBE 5 cm, yellow, Lyngby
15 €
Egg cup RO, set of 4 pcs, warm grey, Blomus
19 €

Egg stands – a presentable and elegant way to enjoy an egg

What is an egg stand and how do I use them?

An egg cup is a little container created to keep eggs upright, usually in order to serve and eat them convenientlyt or show them in an interesting fashion.

To use an egg stand, just set it down on a level surface and stick the egg's pointed end inside to make it stand up straight. Hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs, as well as Easter eggs or other ornamental eggs, are frequently served on egg stands.

Egg cups are available in a wide range of forms and styles and are constructed with a variety of materials, such as porcelain, glass, plastic or stainless steel. Egg stands in Kulina come in a variety of design and are produced by reputable companies like WMF, Blomus, Bitz, and Lyngby. We also offer egg stands for kids with an attractive design that will encourage them to have something nutritious for breakfast.

Why are small dishes/accessories like egg cups important in elegant table settings?

An attractive table arrangement is vital because it gives the presentation a sense of class and refinement. Small dishes and accessories, such as egg stands, butter dishes, honey jars, jam jars, play a key role in this.

These little touches can enhance the dining experience for guests and give them a feeling of importance and care. Having specific dishes for condiments like honey also aids in maintaining the table's order and cleanliness.

Additionally, using appealing and well-designed and chosen egg stands or accessories can also contribute to the table's overall aesthetic, improving the setting's visual attractiveness.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the look of your table, we also offer various small serving accessories like bread baskets, sugar bowls or milk jugs.

What can I use an egg stand for?

Egg stands can be used for a number of things, such as:

  • Serving soft- and hard-boiled eggs: Egg stands may be utilized to serve soft-boiled eggs, with the pointed end of the egg placed into the stand for stability.
  • Decorating eggs: Egg stands can also be used to hold eggs straight up while decorating them with colourings, paints, or other embellishments.
  • Displaying boiled eggs: On holidays or special events like Easter or breakfast, boiled eggs can be presented in a distinctive and attractive way using egg stands.
  • Serving egg dishes: Deviled eggs and egg salad can be served using egg stands, which is a unique presentation idea.

Ultimately, egg stands provides a distinctive way to serve and display eggs, making them a fun and useful addition to your kitchen or dining table.