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Console Table FERA 85 cm, grey, steel, Blomus
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Console table FERA 85 cm, light grey, steel, Blomus BM65990
Console Table FERA 85 cm, white, steel, Blomus
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Console tables – a perfect blend of style and functionality

What are console tables?

A console table is a long, shallow storage option that is typically positioned up against a wall in an entryway or flat against the back of a couch. These tables are available on Kulina in a variety of designs and colours, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your interior decor. They can also serve as the centre of attention in a foyer, giving visitors a chic greeting.

What is the difference between console tables and side tables?

Both console tables and side tables are pieces of furniture that provide design and practicality to a space, but they have some key differences. Side tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually positioned next to seating areas. Console tables, on the other hand, are longer and narrower and designed to fit against a wall or in small places like hallways or entryways. Also, while side tables can still be used as decorative accents, console tables are statement pieces that offer lots of surface area for exhibiting décor.

Can console tables work in small spaces?

Small areas are perfect for console tables. The open layout stores your possessions while allowing light to pass through and creating the sense of a large, open area. They perfectly fit narrow corridors, hallways or staircases.

How to style your console table?

Styling a console table is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your entryway, hallway, living room, or any space where you have a console table. Here are some tips to help you style your console table in an appealing and balanced way:

  • Choose a Theme or Style: Decide on a theme or style that matches the overall decor of the room. Whether it's modern, rustic, vintage, minimalistic, or eclectic, having a consistent theme will guide your choices.

  • Start with a Base: Begin by placing a decorative base on the table. This could be a table runner, a piece of fabric, or a decorative tray. The base helps to anchor your display and adds texture and color.

  • Add a Focal Point: Choose a focal point for your console table. This could be a larger decor item, such as a mirror, artwork, or a vase with flowers. The focal point draws the eye and sets the tone for the rest of the arrangement.

  • Create Height and Balance: Vary the height of the items you place on the table to create visual interest. Use items of different heights, such as tall vases, stacked books, or sculptures. Achieve balance by arranging taller items on one side and shorter items on the other.

  • Use Decorative Items: Decorative items like sculptures, figurines, and decorative bowls can add personality and charm to your display. Choose items that resonate with your theme and style.

  • Incorporate Greenery: Adding plants or flowers can bring life and freshness to your console table. Consider using potted plants, succulents, or a vase of fresh flowers.

  • Books and Magazines: Stacking a few well-chosen books or magazines can add texture and height to your display. You can also use them as platforms to elevate other items.

  • Candles and Lighting: Incorporate candles, candleholders, or small lamps to add warmth and ambiance. They can also provide a soft and inviting glow to the space.

  • Personal Touches: Display personal items like framed photos, travel souvenirs, or sentimental keepsakes to make the space feel more personalized.

  • Reflective Surfaces: Mirrors or metallic items can add a touch of glamour and light to your console table arrangement.

  • Grouping and Arrangement: Arrange items in groupings of odd numbers, such as threes or fives. Play around with different arrangements until you find a layout that's visually pleasing.

  • Negative Space: Don't overcrowd the table. Leave some empty space to allow the items to breathe and prevent the display from looking cluttered.

  • Color Palette: Stick to a cohesive color palette that complements the room's decor. This will ensure that your console table blends seamlessly with the overall design.

  • Rotate Seasonally: Change the decor on your console table seasonally to keep it fresh and interesting. Consider updating colors and items to match the time of year.

  • Regular Maintenance: Dust and rearrange your console table periodically to maintain its visual appeal and prevent it from becoming stagnant.

Remember that styling your console table is an opportunity to express your creativity and showcase your personal taste. Experiment with different arrangements until you achieve a look that you love and that complements the space.

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